This is basic Q&A and FAQ for Resheck, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D.  Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog.



  1. Is this just a Calc sheet or sheets, or is there something I need to add to my plans?

Rescheck,  Manual J, Manual S are calcs.  Manual D is a drawing and calcs.

A full sheet or whatever I’m not sure.

  1. Is the Rescheck the only thing I will need? I’m not sure what your comment mean

 You probably need to start with a call to your building department to see what reports you need for permit.  To avoid ordering unneeded reports

We offer Rescheck $79

Manual j $79 heat loss and heat gain

Manual s $79 equipment sizing

Manual d $99 duct sizing

  1. I would say when your done let me know the cost so please invoice me.

Let me know what reports you need for permit and I will get them started and invoice you once complete. 


If you need a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S or Manual D email plans, jobsite address and square footage to and I will get you taken care of.

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Rescheck Manual J Manual S Manual D FAQ Q&A
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Rescheck Manual J Manual S Manual D FAQ Q&A
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