Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to look at some frequently asked questions or FAQs as they pertain to Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, Manual D and Comcheck.  Each project is different so each example in each Rescheck question may or may not pertain to your project but it is a good way to see the flexibility available in your Rescheck construction project for addition, alteration, or new construction.


Does the wall sheathing include any insulation? What are your specs for wall sheathing?

The wall sheathing is not insulated.  If you would like to add it I can, just let me know what the R value is that you will add.

What is the insulation between the walls Fiberglass or Open Cell Foam?

For the software, there is no difference.  It takes the final R value of the material used and uses that for calculation.

Are you insulating at the ceiling or the roof rafters and with what type of insulation?

The ceiling is insulated, not the rafters.  Let me know if it is vice versa.

We have to pass a blower door test with whatever systems we us, will this system pass the blower door test?

Blower door test is an on site test.  The Rescheck is not part of the blower door test.  A local contractor would perform the Blower door on site.

How are you getting this to pass with R-15 walls and R-38 Ceilings?

I can use whatever R value you like.  I typically figure for the minimum R value needed and then the client can upgrade from there.   As long as you exceed these levels you will have enough insulation.
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