Today on the Reschexpert blog we wanted to discuss some hot off the press Rescheck news.  When working a Rescheck this morning in Rescheck Web I realized that IECC 2021 had been added to Rescheck Web.  This means you can now create a 2021 Rescheck in Rescheck Web.  So I immediately did, and here is what I found.

I started my Rescheck Web 2021 Rescheck experiment by creating a make believe project.  I first ran the project using IECC 2015.  I then ran the project using IECC 2018.  Finally, I calculated the Rescheck using the IECC 2021 Rescheck now available in Rescheck web.  Results are below.


IECC 2021 Rescheck

IECC 2021 Rescheck


Basically the same Rescheck scores out like this.

IECC 2015 Rescheck passes by 4%

IECC 2018 Rescheck passes by 1.7%

IECC 2021 Rescheck fails by -6.7%

This was just a quick test, but from all indications the IECC 2021 is going to be increasingly difficult to pass so builders, architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners should take notice.  Just assuming the same insulations will pass in IECC 2021 does not seem to be the case, by a long shot.  Of course this is only one project and one climate zone.  As I sample and collect data from from more of my projects I can compare them to the IECC 2021 score to develop a better idea of the ideology behind why a project that passed easily 3 years ago now fails measurably.

Thanks again for taking a quick look at our initial review of IECC 2021 Reschecks and everything Rescheck related.  Be sure to share this post with someone else who has an interest in the IECC 2021 energy code and Rescheck Web Reschecks.


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