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How to Perform a Rescheck

Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to look into a question we get all the time on the blog.  How to Perform a Rescheck?  We know some easy ways to get the DIY Rescheck creators started so let us give you some simple instructions to help you get your first Rescheck started based on our Rescheck Service experience.

Your initial setup is going to be much like when you build a house.  You need a good foundation.  The foundation of any Rescheck is having a good set of plans.  We always suggest that you get a full size set of paper plans.  This has multiple purposes.  A full size set of plans for Reschecking is easier because you can write data on the actual pages, you can keep them in your files to reference later, and it is easier for your eyes to look at than a microscopic PDF on a computer screen.  So before you do anything take a trip to a home office supply store and print off a full size set of your plans.  Whether you create one or one hundred Do It Yourself Reschecks, performing a Rescheck is just easier when you have the right set of plans.  For us, that means having a full size set of paper plans.

Next you have a decision to make.  You can use one of two softwares that has been created and maintained by the Pacific Northwest Labratory and the Department of Energy.   These softwares are Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  You can use Rescheck Desktop without an internet connection.  Rescheck Web is totally web based and all your data is stored online.  Rescheck Web has the best selection of codes and is easier to use when performing your first Rescheck so I am going to suggestion that you perform your first Rescheck using Rescheck Web, the online version of Rescheck software.

You have your set of plans and you have your Rescheck software chosen.  Now what you need to do is get started on grabbing data out of your plans to use in your Rescheck.  To get started go ahead and find your jobsite address and square footage.  These will go on the first page of your software in Rescheck Web along with other basic project data.  Save your project in the upper right hand side of the screen and move to the project page.

On your plans what you want to find is your Ceiling R Value of Insulation, Wall R Value of Insulation, Window U Values and SHGC, Door U Values and SHGC, and your Foundation R Value of Insulation.  Once you have these data points what you should do next is find the square footage area of each of these components.  When you have the square footage what you will do is find the correct component on the project page and enter them one by one.  Enter the square footage of the component first and then R value going all down the page.  I typically start at the roof of the structure and work my way down the Rescheck Web software.

Windows Doors Wrong SHGC U Value for Rescheck

You should now have everything entered into Rescheck Web.  What you will need to do is click Check Compliance.  This will give you a Pass or Fail Rescheck Score.  Now if you pass you can generate a PDF of your Rescheck.  If you fail you need to go back and add insulation to your components that might be below the local energy code.  With your PDF of your Rescheck what you want to do is sign, date, fill out the checklist, and submit it to the building department along with your building permit application and full size set of plans.

You have now learned how to create a Rescheck.  You can use this Rescheck How to Tutorial to create more than just your first DIY Rescheck.  We also offer a Rescheck Service if you got jammed up on any portion of our Rescheck How To instructions.  In 4-6 hours we can create a Rescheck for your for only $79 simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to [email protected] and we will get you taken care of.

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How to Perform a Rescheck
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How to Perform a Rescheck
How to Perform a Rescheck. shows some easy steps to take to create your own DIY Rescheck on Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop.
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