Well as we discuss everything Rescheck let’s take a look at an a Rescheck Web software feature that I found yesterday while Reschecking a a rather large structure.  Many people have wanted to know what the largest structure that is that Rescheck can accommodate.  We went through the numbers using a Sample Rescheck and came up with the answer.  Put on your thinking cap and get ready to find out what the maximum square footage is that you can enter into Rescheck.

When poking around Rescheck Web sometimes you find abnormalities or brick walls that red screen your project and will not let you go any longer.  When you find something like this take a screen shot and email it to service@rescheck.info and maybe I will feature in a Reschexpert blog post.  

In this particular instance I found that the max amount of conditioned square footage that you can enter into Rescheck Web is 100,000.  If you enter in 100,001 into the software it will automatically red screen your project and demand you enter another number.  Now, granted you would seldom need a project this large, but currently using Rescheck Web exclusive codes of IECC 2018 and IECC 2021 for Rescheck it would be impossible to do with the correct square footage on the cover page of your Rescheck.

The largest residential structure in the United States is the Biltmore in Ashville, North Carolina at over 175,000 so if you plan on rebuilding a replica of the Biltmore on your own thousands of acres, good luck.  I am sure if you had this structure to build we at Rescheck.info could find a way to work with your local building department to get an acceptable Rescheck for their inspection needs.  

The challenges with pressing this large of a Rescheck into existence would be that you would need to enter the ceiling R value and square footage, all the wall square footage and R Value, each window square footage U Value and SHGC, each door U value and SHGC, and finally the foundation R value.  Then you would have to calculate a pass or fail score which may take quite a while depending on exactly how many items you end up with.  A typical Rescheck of 2500 sq ft has roughly 50 line items on it.  So at 40 times larger you would have approximately 2000 line items to enter to complete your Rescheck.

What about Rescheck Desktop, you ask.  Well we entered 100,001 into Rescheck Desktop as well and this is your fix.  You can use Rescheck Desktop for projects of 100,000 or more.  In fact I have not found a square footage in Rescheck Desktop that is too large.  So if you are doing homes of over 100,000 then Rescheck Desktop may be your best friend.  The only restriction would be that you would not be able to create a IECC 2018 Rescheck or IECC 2021 Rescheck in Rescheck Desktop because they are only available in Rescheck Web.

Finding differences and peculiar instances within Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop is what we do.  After all, we are Rescheck Information or Rescheck.info.  If you have a Rescheck that you need help with we are also a Rescheck Service.  If you have a Rescheck you would like us to apply our in depth Rescheck knowledge graph too then simply email your order number, plans, jobsite address, and square footage to service@rescheck.info and we will get you taken care of.



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Rescheck Maximum Square Footage.  What is Max Square footage you can use in Rescheck?
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Rescheck Maximum Square Footage. What is Max Square footage you can use in Rescheck?
Rescheck Maximum Square Footage. What is Max Square footage you can use in Rescheck?
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