Can I Do A Rescheck Myself? An in depth discussion of who should provide the Rescheck on a Construction project and if you can use a Do It Yourself Rescheck.  This rendition of the Reschexpert blog wants to focus on the DIY Rescheck creator and just who exactly that should be.  At we like to bring you in depth Rescheck tutorials, Rescheck error fixes, and general everyday discussion of how Rescheck Energy reports are being throughout building departments throughout the world.

The main idea behind Rescheck is that it can be used to bring all the applicable parties together as they plan the energy efficiency of a new construction, addition, or alteration.  This means the architect, homeowner, contractor, and all subcontractors understand the insulation expectations from the very start of the project.  Also one other person keeps an eye on the progress and application of the Rescheck Report proposal, the building inspector.  The Rescheck report includes an easy to use checklist, and final compliance certificate that the building inspector and building department typically play a large role in.

Now that you know the key players that a Rescheck report brings together in regards to energy efficiency on your project.  But what about who can actually create the Rescheck.  The nice thing about Rescheck is that anyone and everyone can use it.  The Department of Energy and Pacific Northwest Labratories created and maintain 2 versions of Free Rescheck Software that are respectively called Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  These can be used by anyone involved on your project to create the Rescheck, and Rescheck Web allows for project collaboration so it is totally possible that multiple people on you construction project could work on your Rescheck simultaneously.

Below is a brief list of who might be able to create a Rescheck for your construction project:

Rescheck Service






Insulation Installer


Building Inspector


Some Random Guy at the Hardware Store

All these are examples of people that might be able to provide a Rescheck for you.  As long as a person understands the software and the steps involved they can dive right in and provide a Rescheck for you.  Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop are so easy to use your building department will not mind who is responsible for the Rescheck as long as it is done correctly in proper format.  The one instance where they may want more is if the municipality you are building in requires a Rescheck with an Engineering Stamp or a Rescheck with an Energy Efficiency Certification stamp or number.  Then your choices may be more limited, but do not let that deter you from trying Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop softwares yourself, you just might learn something.

We appreciate you reading the Reschexpert blog and considering our thoughts on, Can I Do A Rescheck Myself?  If you decide to do a DIY Rescheck congratulations and good luck!  The Reschexpert Blog contains many articles to help you along your Rescheck Journey.  If learning a new software like Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web becomes too tedious then we invite you to us, a Rescheck Service, to create your Rescheck for you.  We charge only $79, it will take us 4-6 hours to complete and all you must do to get started is email us your plans, jobsite address, and square footage.







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Can I Do A Rescheck Myself?
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Can I Do A Rescheck Myself?
Can I Do A Rescheck Myself? An in depth discussion of who should provide the Rescheck on a Construction project and if you can use a Do It Yourself Rescheck.
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