Welcome to the Reschexpert blog where we talk about everything related to Rescheck.  Today on Reschexpert blog we want to discuss a simple error found in the softwares.

Most recently during a Rescheck Web outage I was trying different devices to see if somehow I could get a IECC 2018 Rescheck or IECC 2021 Rescheck created because they are only available in Rescheck Web.  I downloaded one of my projects and got the following screen.

Rescheck Download Error. Donwalding

Rescheck Download Error. Donwloading


Now it might take you a minute to find the issue with the pic so I will tell you.  The screen says Donwloading instead of Downloading.  I am not the grammar police, and I really do not care.  All I do as a Rescheck specialist is follow the Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop softwares and when I find something out of the ordinary try to share it with other Do It Yourself Rescheck Creators so they can be on the same page with what I am looking at.

Overall the file downloaded the misspelling of Donwloading caused no irreparable damage to my file or project.  I simply wanted to share that with you on the Reschexpert blog.

If you find an anomaly in  Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop let us know.  We found something similar with the wall system in Rescheck Web in an earlier Rescheck Web blog post that you can read about here:

Rescheck Wall Error

Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog as we cover everything related to Rescheck and Rescheck softwares Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.  If you need a Rescheck created simply email you pdf plans to service@rescheck.info and we will get you taken care of.




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