First off, we are not the owners or maintainers of Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop.  The Department of Energy created the outstanding array of Rescheck softwares and keeps them fine tuned and updated on a regular basis.  We are simply energy code consultants that follow all things related to energy codes and energy code softwares.  Therefore, when we see an important software, like Rescheck Web, has pending maintenance.   We like to let any of our readers, DIY Rescheck Creators, building departments, and home energy auditors know what we have experienced in the past during these updates and how long they might last.

Rescheck Web Maintenance note from the Reschexpert blog as we noticed a Red message within Rescheck Web software that details an upcoming software outage.  The graphic is below and it shows that:

“Please note that we will perform system maintenance for REScheck-Web on July 16th. Application presence maybe impacted.”

Rescheck Web Maintenance

Rescheck Web Maintenance

What does this mean?

My guess is that the software will be slower than normal, down for periods of time, and possibly unable to display your saved projects during the time frame mentioned in the graphics above. 


How can you prepare for the Rescheck Web outage?

Go ahead and download Rescheck Desktop from here.  It can be used offline and will remain available during the entire Rescheck Web maintenance period.


What will it feel like when Rescheck Web is down?

You will be unable to use Rescheck Web.  On a normal day when you navigate to Rescheck Web through this link  You will enter your Email Address and Password and proceed into the software.  During the maintenance time it will be choppy within the software, if you are able to log in at all.  Do not count on being able to access your saved projects.  If you need something for the maintenance day, plan ahead and download it now.  Rescheck Desktop will still be available for creating Reschecks, however it does not operate on the internet.  It is a desktop based solution that must be downloaded and stored on  your hard drive.


How long will it last?

This update shows only one date so we would have to assume 24 hours.  In the past, maintenance down times for online version of Rescheck Web that we have witnessed have ranged from 12-48 hours.  


Will Reschecks be able to be created during this time frame?

Yes, you can use Rescheck Desktop.  Go ahead and download it here.


Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog and letting us keep you up to date with all things home energy audit software related.



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