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Below is a Rescheck FAQ of a Rescheck User who installed some new windows on a Rescheck alteration. The building department is requiring a Rescheck. IECC 2015 will pass. IECC 2018 has new requirements. The client does not have PDF plans, but they have a Uvalue sticker included on the new windows that they purchased.

I received your chat on about Rescheck. You can reply to this email with plans, jobsite address and square footage and I will get you taken care of.

Do you have a set of PDF plans?

Rescheck end USER


Here is a situation I put some windows in this property and the city wants me to have a Rescheck on it. So that’s why I am trying to do this I never done one of them and I don’t know what’s involved to get a Rescheck report on it.

Do you have the invoice for the new windows that you installed so I can put the information in the report?

If you do not have the paperwork, you could also give me the size of the windows, how many, and the U Value of the windows. That is what I would need for the Rescheck.

Rescheck end USER

The U Value of the windows I installed for Rescheck is .32 U Value. I attached the window sticker from the new windows for use in the Rescheck report.

The U value of .32 is too high and produces an automatic failure in the software. It needs to be .3 Uvalue or below. Do you want to see if you can locate the actual paperwork and double check the Uvalue. Is it possible you installed new doors too? It works as an average of all the components, but it needs to be at or below .3 U Value to pass.

Rescheck requirements from the building department:

In order issue a permit for this project that requires a Rescheck, a res check must be done on the property online using Rescheck Web or offline using the Rescheck Desktop software, or an energy audit can be done by an electrician. The result must be within 2% of state minimum. Once this is done, please forward us the results at our online Free Rescheck submission portal. Once we receive this, providing the findings meet the requirements, we can issue a permit.

Ok, the information you gave me is correct then. If I put the .32 Uvalue into the Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop software it automatically fails the project. .3 Uvalue is the highest uvalue that will pass with your climate zone and the IECC 2018 energy code. It might be possible to get an exemption from your building inspector, but it is rare.

You can ask the inspector if they will let you use the IECC 2015 energy code within Rescheck Desktop or Rescheck Web. With IECC 2015 .32 uvalues for your new windows will pass.

If you use IECC 2018 you will be required to use Rescheck Web since it is only available there. Also the new requirement for windows within the IECC 2018 Energy Code for Rescheck is .3 windows U Value or lower.

Thanks for reading this issue of the Reschexpert blog. The end result was that the building deparment allowed the use of IECC 2015 energy code for the Rescheck over the use of IECC 2018 for the Rescheck. This allowed the .32 u value windows to be installed as they were. If you need and IECC 2015 Rescheck, IECC 2018 Rescheck, IECC 2021 Rescheck, or IECC 2024 Rescheck then we can help. Email PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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