Rescheck Energy Code Chart

We developed this custom energy code chart based on multitude of factors involving our experience using Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop. The following methods where used in the creation:

Survey of local building building departments

Interviews with building inspectors

State adopted code information

Data filtering of Reschecks created on our Rescheck Web portal

Sampling of our projects in Rescheck Desktop

Publicly available IECC and ASHRAE code information

You will quickly notice that some states have multiple codes. This is because there may be a state adopted code, but in our research we found a substantial number of jurisdictions using different codes from what is required by the state. This is perfectly normal in world of Rescheck, and you will quickly find that many times the building inspector or building department has preferences based on their local area. Many times these predilections will take priority, and argument of them can prove futile. The building inspector typically has the final say on the Rescheck of a project, and that is why we offer free modifications to your Rescheck. Sometimes the code will change in the middle of a project for example:

You submit your plans on May 1st along with your Rescheck under IECC 2015 code. On July 1st the jurisdiction you are building in modifies their Energy Code to IECC 2018. Since you have not completed your project and obtained a certificate of occupancy, the building inspectors requires a resubmittal of your Rescheck under IECC 2018.

In this instance we would handle the code change on your Rescheck free of charge. Rescheck codes are always changing, being modified, and being upgraded. We do our best to keep on top of it because we are on the front line of meeting with building inspectors, talking with contractors, and helping DIY Rescheck creators through the intricacies of Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop software every day.

Please enjoy this easy to use Rescheck Energy Code Chart:

State Name Rescheck Code
Alabama 2015 IECC 2018 IECC
Alaska IECC 2018
Arizona IECC 2015 IECC 2018
Arkansas IECC 2009
California Title 24
Colorado IECC 2015 IECC 2018
Connecticut IECC 2021
Delaware IECC 2018
Florida IECC 2018 405 Form
Georgia IECC 2015 IECC 2018
Hawaii IECC 2018
Idaho IECC 2018
Illinois IECC 2018
Indiana IECC 2018
Iowa IECC 2012
Kansas IECC 2006 IECC 2009
Kentucky IECC 2012
Louisiana IECC 2012 IECC 2021
Maine IECC 2015 IECC 2018 IECC 2021
Maryland IECC 2018
Massachusetts IECC 2018
Michigan IECC 2018
Minnesota IECC 2018
Mississippi IECC 2015
Missouri IECC 2015
Montana IECC 2021
Nebraska IECC 2018
Nevada IECC 2018
New Hampshire IECC 2015
New Jersey IECC 2018 IECC 2021
New Mexico IECC 2018
New York IECC 2018
North Carolina IECC 2015 IECC 2018
North Dakota IECC 2018
Ohio IECC 2012 IECC 2018
Oklahoma IECC 2006
Oregon IECC 2018
Pennsylvania IECC 2018
Rhode Island IECC 2018
South Carolina IECC 2009
South Dakota IECC 2009
Tennessee IECC 2018
Texas IECC 2015 IECC 2018 IECC 2021
Utah Utah 2012 IECC 2015
Vermont IECC 2018
Virginia IECC 2018
Washington IECC 2021
West Virginia IECC 2009
Wisconsin IECC 2009
Wyoming IECC 2018


Thank you for reading the Reschexpert blog and using our easy to use Rescheck Energy Code Chart. We hope you find this helpful. If you are confounded on which code to use and would like us to create a Rescheck for you, we offer a Rescheck for $79. The service takes 4-6 hours. Simply email us your order number, pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage and we will get your Rescheck completed.

Commercial Construction Comcheck Energy Code Chart


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Rescheck Energy Code Chart
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