Many people call us every day, and they are stuck in the middle of their REScheck calculation.  An area will not compute, a component is left out, or they just don’t know if they have completed their REScheck correctly.  In every instance, we can help.  Sometimes it is simple as asking us a question, sometimes we just have a conversation about REScheck basics, other times it requires us to log in remotely to your REScheck account.  Then we can help iron the kinks out of your REScheck report.  At any rate, it is essential that you have your REScheck report done correctly.  An incorrect insulation envelope and components in your home can easily cost you $1,000,000 over the life of your home.

What we want to do today is talk about the proper way to set up a REScheck report when you have decided to do one on your own.  The basics of a REScheck are that you will need a set of prints.  These can be hand drawn or drawn on a CAD type software.  We work with just about anything at  Then you need an architect’s scale, some coffee, 3 or 4 computers, a drafting table, scrap paper, and a calculator.  Once you have this material compiled you are ready to start your REScheck.

Your first item of business is to take your scrap sheet of paper and write out all the main components of the home.  I suggest starting your REScheck from the ground up.  First, determine what your foundation is.  Then measure it completely, and write it onto your scrap paper.  Next, you will look at your main level wall system.  Measure the square footage and write it onto your scrap paper.  Then look at your window on the plan, measure the square footage and enter them onto your scrap paper.  Next you will look at the doors on the plan.  Then you will then you will compile the square footage of this component along with the U-Value.

Once you have all your info together it is time to enter it into your REScheck software.  We suggest REScheck Web, as support for REScheck Apple version has been discontinued as we discussed in our article on REScheck software differences.  Just go through the list, add the component then enter the details.  The actual application of REScheck is not very difficult although it is easy to get hung up in certain places.  One thing you should consider before performing your own REScheck report is what your time is worth.  If you earn $25-$100 per hour then consider the fact that it will easily take your 6-8 hours to perform the entire operation the first time.  At this rate your opportunity cost is $150-$800.  If you send the work to us we will complete the REScheck report quickly, efficiently, and correctly.  This service only costs $79 and usually is performed in 4-6 hours.  On a busy day it might take longer, but our 24 hour guarantee is still place.  If we do not return the paid for REScheck in 24 hours, the report is free.

Overall performing your own REScheck is not difficult at all.  It boils down to having the correct printer, software, know how, and a knack for crunching numbers on a set of blueprints.  Before you get started, consider that many of the people who call us have been working on a REScheck for 3-4 days and wasted plenty of valuable time.  Performing a REScheck yourself could be a great way to save a little money if you are efficient.  If you are inefficient the cost of your time could easily accumulate in the thousands of dollars.

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