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REScheck is an amazing system that allows all parties involved in a new home construction project to have one solid game plan.  From the man drawing your blueprints, to the guy holding the staple gun, the REScheck report is what you need to make sure your home is insulated correctly.  Then built with the proper components.  Once question we had multiple times today in our live REScheck Help Chat, was “What is considered and Energy Truss in REScheck?”  So we will attempt to answer that for everyone below since it is a REScheck frequently asked question.

A energy truss can also be called a raised heel truss.  If you are not asking your conventional truss manufacturer to manufacturer your trusses like this, then chances are you are missing out on a big detail.  The amazing part about this detail is that all you typically have to do is ask.  Your conventional truss system can be made more efficient for zero additional charge in most cases.  The webbing on the inside of the truss will change to allow full insulation on the heel of the truss, but little else will material wise.  If you use for your REScheck energy report we will point out items of value like this to you, free of charge.

Basically to get credit in the REScheck energy audit as a “raised heel truss or energy truss” you need to have the heel of the truss high enough so you can install the full width of insulation in the area over the wall system.  Many scissor trusses can accomplish this too.  If this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, then it is possible that your REScheck report might be best handled by us.  We can take the time to review your truss system in depth.  This way we can see if your truss system qualifies as an “Energy Truss” and how much value you might derive from this option.

Helping people complete their RESchecks when they need assistance, and showing first time users of REScheck the correct way to use the features is our mission.  Every day we talk to distraught homeowners who have literally spent days struggling with the software.  If you have a question about your REScheck report or any component in the REScheck energy audit feel free to send us an email anytime of day at [email protected]  Equally, if you are tired of fooling with it and want the pros at to handle your REScheck call us.  We can have your report ready for submission (most of the time same day) in 24 hours guaranteed.  We know the difference between a regular truss and an energy truss, and we can tell you where you can add extra insulation value to your home for zero additional cost.

If you have found an interesting energy truss design feel free to share it with us on Tumblr, Bloggr, Google +, Houzz, Facebook, Pinterst, or Twitter.

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