When families and homeowners look for more living square footage around their home, one natural place to look is the garage.  If your garage is built with attic box trusses, the upstairs portion of it might be a natural place to look for additional living area.  A common call that we get at REScheck.info is asking about the particulars of a REScheck, as it pertains to a garage.  What we would like to discuss today are the particulars of a garage’s insulation envelope in regards to rescheck energy audits.

The first area that is different about most garages is a garage door.  If you think about a garage door opening it is basically a huge area where energy can flow in and out of.  This can cause big problems in REScheck if you have the wrong garage door unit.  We can help place you on the right track for a garage door unit, or come up with creative ways to increase the R-value of your existing garage door unit.  We have a full book of garage door units and remedies that will work in any climate zone, and experience reschecking garages in all of these areas.

What is Rescheck Stuffing?

The next area we look at is the actual garage itself.  Will you be using just the upstairs as a conditioned space?  Or will you be using both the garage area and the upstairs to increase your living area?  If so then you will need to find a wall insulation that works for your climate zone and framing material.  We can help you run multiple options in your REScheck report, for no additional charge.  This allows you to get the best insulation value possible and come in under the budget you are trying to meet on the total project, because you have the flexibility to choose the products that are correct for you.

Windows and doors are another important area.  If your garage was built many years ago this might be an area to upgrade to help you pass the rescheck, although it is not always essential.  Older window and door units that pre-date the U-value calculations are given a set value in rescheck that is not favorable to your rescheck score passing.  Although, with the right combo of new insulation in the wall and roof, many times it will pass regardless.  The one thing you need to consider, is that if your 20 year old window and uninsulated door are leaking energy, then the $100-$200 you saved by not replacing them could be literally thrown out the window in the first 6 months of heating and cooling your new garage square footage.  We are happy to show you free of charge the difference a new window or door unit would make in your rescheck, and then let you make the decision as to what material is right for you.

The final area we look at is roof insulation.  Typically this is the area that will see the most insulation.  This area will give you the most bang for your buck in rescheck reporting for a garage.  If all else fails, and you have enough space in your garage’s attic you can add additional R-value here to help get you to a passing score.  Insulating the ceiling and roof area of a structure is very important and rescheck gives you plenty of credit here for choosing the right materials for your climate zone.  If you want to take a look at different options for your roof system and how they affect your score, we are here to do that for you.  We do not charge one penny extra.

Overall a garage addition can provide you and your family some great additional living area.  They are not just for parking a car anymore.  When your garage addition needs a REScheck we suggest  you consider the garage door, walls, windows, doors, and ceiling R-value first.  If you need a quick turn around on a garage rescheck we can help you with that too for only $79 on any plan, any state, and anywhere.  We would be glad to help.  Feel free to call if you have any questions.  865-235-6277

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