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On this rendition of the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss a term we coined ourselves, Rescheck Stuffing.  In honor of the upcoming holiday season we wanted to treat all DIY Rescheck creators and at home energy reporters to a healthy scoop of something we have all come across.  Belly up to the drafting table it is time for the Reschexpert blog to discusss Rescheck Stuffing.

We have all had the Rescheck come across our desks.  It has 319 line items and is 76 pages long.  The major issue?  Only 9 of those items actually belong on the Rescheck.  Rescheck stuffing whether purposeful or accidental has a high cost on today’s new construction, addition, and alteration market.  It costs homeowners unneeded funds by adding insulation to spaces that might not be needed.  It wastes building departments’ time looking over incorrect and difficult to navigate Rescheck Compliance Reports, and it robs everyone involved of seeing the true score of their Rescheck at the time when planning what insulation should be installed is paramount.  You also run the risk of getting your initial Rescheck submission stuffed in the garbage can by the building inspector.

Garage REScheck

Some items that commonly get stuffed into the breadbasket of Rescheck accidentally.

Interior wall

Insulated floor between conditioned areas

Overhead Garage Doors of unconditioned garages

Foundations where multiple foundations exist

These are just a few of the areas that we see being included at times when they may not needed.  Some key rules to keep your Rescheck from getting stuffed this holiday season.  

Did I group like items in my Rescheck?  Items with the same insulation, U value, or R value can and should be grouped.  Through the cumulative property of math 1+1+1+1 = 4.  So just put 4 in the report and save your building inspector some strain when he goes to check your Rescheck.

Did I only analyze areas that are exposed to the outside climate?  Interior walls and floors will stuff your Rescheck like nobody’s business.  Only include exterior walls, floors, and ceilings in your Rescheck to avoid your Rescheck busting at the scene.

Do you have insulation on your Subfloor and your crawl space walls?  If you crawl is conditioned then your crawl walls will need to meet code.  If your crawl is unconditioned and the subfloor is insulated then it will act as the bottom of the insulation envelope.  Extra stuffing would be to include both.  

These are some basic tips and fail-safes to avoid stuffing your Rescheck this holiday.  If you fall into a black fog and need to get a Rescheck created for you this Black Friday simply email your plans, jobsite address, and square footage to [email protected] and we will get you taken care of.


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What is Rescheck Stuffing?
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What is Rescheck Stuffing?
What is Rescheck Stuffing?
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