A common question we see on the Reschexpert blog pertaining to Reschecks and Manual Js is when might a Rescheck or Manual J heat loss be required on my new construction, addition, or alteration.

There are 3 specific examples where you might be required to submit a Rescheck or Manual J on your construction project.  The first of which is that the code that your building department has adopted specifically requires it.  Many states across the United States are updating their energy codes to newer sets of the IECC codes.  Most recently the IECC 2018 was passed.  As building departments, states, and towns adopt these newer codes it should be expected that you would need to submit the Rescheck or Manual J.

The next example where you might need one is if something on your project’s insulation envelope looks suspect to the building department.  If you are building in a climate zone that your building department is familiar with and using a level of insulation that seems inadequate then your building inspector may ask you to take a step back and consider the cost of building the home incorrectly by performing the Rescheck and Manual J.

The final instance where it will make sense for you to complete a Rescheck or Manual J is where you want to make sure you are building the most energy efficient home possible in the plan stage of the project.  You plan your cabinets, toilets, windows, and roof so why would you not pre plan what types and Rvalues of insulation you will have in your home.  Your energy bill is the one cost you will pay every month on your home.  Taking positive steps to lower this each month begin with your Rescheck or Manual J so this is a prime example of when you might want to complete a Rescheck or Manual J.

If you need help completing your Rescheck or Manual J we can create them for your in about 4-6 hours any day of the week.  Simply email us a set of your plans along with a jobsite address to service@rescheck.info.  We will complete your Rescheck or Manual J and send you a project recap and invoice once complete.  We currently charge $79 for either a Rescheck or Manual J.  If you require both we charge a single low cost of $129 regardless of square footage, location or code.

When Is a REScheck or Manual J Required?

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When is Rescheck or Manual J required by a building department?
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When is Rescheck or Manual J required by a building department?
When is Rescheck or Manual J required by a building department?
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