Secrets of Manual J Manual S Manual D Rescheck


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Answers are below your questions in bold.
1. does this document indicate that I will do the things in the doc? 
Yes this indicates minimums for the areas that your modifying.
2. Will the inspector check the home against this doc at some point?
There is an inspection checklist.  To some degree they will inspect the structure.
3. What is the significance of the checkboxes? Should I be checking these, or are they just an artifact of the software?
Here is a basic Rescheck explanation.  Your first page is your calculations.  The next pages are an easy to use inspection checklist that your building department will use to inspect the structure.  The final page compliance certificate is signed at the final inspection and typically placed on the electrical panel.  This can be used to increase resale value for the life of the home because it shows compliance with applicable energy codes at the time of construction.
Basically all you need to do is click print and turn in the file with your plans and you have everything you need for permitting.
4. This is a block house with everything BUT floor joists exposed. Am I required to meet some R factor for these walls? I was told I’d need R-15 on the inside and foam board on the outside to meet the standard. Does this sound correct to you? I’m trying to minimize any rework.
According to your report.  You need the R 15 on the inside and you do not have to place a foam board on the outside.
5. Am I required to insulate the floor joists? I see R-30 specified here
The area of the kitchen floor where you are altering the floor space will need to be brought to code.  
Secrets of Manual J Manual S Manual D Rescheck
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Secrets of Manual J Manual S Manual D Rescheck
Secrets of Manual J Manual S Manual D Rescheck
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