A single question gets asked many times on our Rescheck Help Line and to the Reschexpert blog.  Is Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop Better for DIY Reschecks?

Today on the Reschexpert blog we wanted to discuss what we thing the best software is for creating your own do it yourself Rescheck.  Basically when it comes to creating Reschecks you already know how to do all the calculations of the ceiling, walls, windows, doors, and foundation.  Now you just need to know whether you should enter your data about your new construction, addition, or alteration into Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop.

First lets discuss Rescheck Desktop.  This version is downloaded directly to your hard drive and runs from your computer.  The main advantage to this version of Rescheck creation software is that it can be used offline.  If you live in mountainous or rural areas with internet connectivity issues then this may be the perfect fit for you and your Rescheck project.  The only downfall is that IECC 2018 is not supported in the software so if you live in Las Vegas, San Antonio, Illinois, or any of the other areas requiring the IECC 2018 Rescheck you might be out of luck,  If this is the case then read on to the next paragraph.

Rescheck web is quick becoming the shooting star of the home energy audit industry.  Most firms choose to use Rescheck Web because it can be constantly updated, includes all the areas you might need to create a Rescheck in, and includes IECC 2018 and all the latest state specific codes.  The only downfall is that it requires an internet connect to operate.  Other than that it is fast, efficient, hosted on the cloud and easy to share and copy projects between team members.  If you need to start creating Do It Yourself Reschecks the easiest way to get a grip on the technology is through Rescheck Web available on the DOE website.  Here is the link.

Can I Do The Rescheck Myself?

As you choose between these two softwares to generate your own Rescheck for your new construction, addition, or alteration you might find that you are using too much time to create the report yourself with unsatisfactory results.  In the event that you find yourself not being able to complete your DIY Rescheck on Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop yourself you can hire Rescheck.info to create it.  We are a Rescheck service provider and we charge only $79 to create any size Rescheck in 4-6 hours.  Simply email a PDF of plans, jobsite address, and square footage and we will get you taken care of.


Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog for all your Rescheck information and Rescheck reporting news and updates.


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Is Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop Better for DIY Reschecks?
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Is Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop Better for DIY Reschecks?
Is Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop Better for DIY Reschecks?
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