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A question I hear many times is, if a REScheck can be completed by you.  The simple answer is, yes.  You can complete a REScheck yourself.  I will discuss some ways to help you through the process of using the REScheck web program in case you decide to create your own REScheck energy report for your project.

To start a REScheck report you need to begin with your set of plans.  Once you have set of blueprints complete you will need to know the following or be able to read them off of your blueprints.

  • What is my local building code?
  • What type of foundation am I using?
  • Is my foundation insulated?
  • What is my wall construction?
  • What type of insulation does my wall use?
  • What brand, type, and design of windows am I using?
  • What brand, type, and design of doors am I using?
  • What type of roof system does my home have?
  • What type of insulation am I using in my roof?
  • What is the square footage and lineal footage of these components?
  • Where am I building?
  • Will my building inspector accept a REScheck report created by the homeowner?

After you have this information, enter your project information into the REScheck Web program and click the “check compliance” button.  If your structure meets the building code set forth by your building inspector and jurisdiction it will show a percentage value of how much you pass by.  If you fail it will show you by how much you failed by.  Each item in the list above has an allowance as to how much energy it can use.  If you use more energy than your structure is allowed for your climate zone then you must change components in your home.  It might seem like an intrusion, but no one has ever complained about having lower energy bills after completion.

DIY Rescheck Tips, Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop?

Many of the REScheck reports that I do are ones that a customer, contractor, or subcontractor has tried to complete and become stumped.  The value of allowing me to handle your REScheck is that I know which options you should upgrade to help your home pass.  Garage doors, windows, doors, and insulation are my specialty, and I give free suggestions.  I sometimes do as many as 6 different reports for people showing them insulation values and how they can improve their home’s efficiency.  I do all this for the $79 REScheck charge.  I understand the program immensely and take pride in helping people build more efficient homes.  I even drove hours to assist a general contractor recently.  We sat down in person with a building inspector to talk through the issues involved with a specific structure being built.  Whether your home is being being built in Texas, Alabama, Utah, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Hawaii, or anywhere else in the United States I would be happy to serve you.  I will give you the piece of mind that you are building a properly insulated structure.

As a final recap, yes you can do your own REScheck.  Log on to REScheck Web, gather the information from your blueprints.  Then start calculating the corresponding areas.  If you get stuck, give me a call 865-235-6277.  I offer free consulting on RESchecks anywhere.  I can help you build the best insulated structure possible with the highest level of customer service available in the industry today.

Can I do the REScheck myself?
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Can I do the REScheck myself?
Is DIY Rescheck Possible. What do I need to know before embarking on my own Do It Yourself Rescheck and is it even possible to do a Rescheck yourself?
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