In this episode of the Reschexpert blog we are here to discuss whether IECC 2018 Reschecks will be able to be created in Rescheck Desktop.  We get emails all the time asking this question so we thought we would let you know what we think, from the outside, looking in.  To give new DIY Rescheck creators some insight Rescheck Desktop is the desktop version of Rescheck software that is hosted on your computer’s hard drive.  Rescheck Web is the online version of the The Department of Energy’s software suite and your Rescheck projects are hosted on the cloud and you access your Rescheck account with a unique login.

Several years ago the Department of Energy added support for IECC 2018 energy code to Rescheck Web.  The one issue was that Rescheck Desktop was not updated with this functionality.  Now only Rescheck Web would be able to create Reschecks using the newest IECC 2018 energy codes.  Most times this is fine, but during times of server outages or Rescheck creators working with poor internet signals in rural communities or jobsites it excludes some users from being able to practice Reschecking.

With this void of only Rescheck Web having the IECC 2018 code, it would seem logical that a more rapid adoption of Rescheck Web may be underway.  It would also lead us to speculate that the future of Do It Yourself Reschecks, Free Reschecks, and Rescheck Services may not even include an option for using Rescheck Desktop.  One of the first signs of “sunsetting” a software package is that it is no longer updated.  After the retirement of the Apple and Mac versions of Rescheck software, we think the PC Desktop versions of Rescheck Desktop may be next on the chopping block as the Department of Energy moves to a more online and cloud based model.

Rather than speculate and say when the IECC 2018 will be added to Rescheck Desktop it is almost easier for us to assume that it will not be, although this is purely speculation.  I think many users would be thrilled with a late update instead of an update that never happens.  Having a backup set of software in case one version of either Rescheck Web or Rescheck Desktop is not working can be a life saver when someone is needing a Rescheck as soon as possible.

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Overall, we do not know when IECC 2018 will be available in Rescheck Desktop.  For now we must point you towards Rescheck Web for Rescheck creation.  We also suggest new Rescheck users and DIY Rescheck creators adopt Rescheck Web for their Rescheck needs because it is constantly updated with new codes and is the easiest to use.  If you need a Rescheck created for you using Rescheck Web, Rescheck Desktop, IECC 2018, or any other IECC Rescheck code, we can help.  Simply email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of promptly.

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