Today on the Reschexpert blog as we continue to work on projects with the Department of Energy’s new IECC 2021 Rescheck available in Rescheck Web Software (but not in Rescheck Desktop Software), we have been asked to provide a sample of an IECC 2021 Rescheck.

The Rescheck below is climate zone 3.  Some interesting facts about the switchover is that I started using IECC 2015 and this project passed by about 1% in IECC 2015.  It used R38 ceiling, R15 walls, and R0 in the slab.  

Once I switched over to IECC 2021, the Rescheck needs the walls upgraded to R19 and R10 in the slab.  Anyone who has built in Texas before or provided a Rescheck in Texas knows that getting R10 in the slab in Texas is going to be a major change for architects, engineers, building inspectors, homeowners, and contractors.  Basically, without adding R10 to this slab in climate zone 3 Texas, the Texas Rescheck fails by 9%.


Another interesting feature is the energy efficiency package.  In this area you are required to choose one option.  We went with the Energy efficient water heater option because without choosing one the project failed automatically.  There are also other Energy Efficiency options that you can choose instead that we will detail in a later post.  However, here is how the section looks on the project page of the Rescheck Web software:

Residential Energy Savings from IECC 2021 Rescheck Shocking



Overall big changes are on the way for jurisdictions that choose the IECC 2021.  City councils, county commissions, building departments, and state building commissions should take notice at the major changes in construction that this will bring forward.  They also need to work hard to educate the builders who have been meeting IECC 2015 and IECC 2018 for years and let them know exactly what they are up against.  That is exactly what we are trying to do at the Reschexpert blog.  We appreciate you reading and if you would share this blog with someone else interested in IECC 2021 and IECC 2021 Reschecks it would greatly help our cause.



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