What Does "Please note that we are performing system maintenance for REScheck-Web NOW" mean?

If you have tried to use the Department of Energy’s Rescheck Web software you have noticed the choppiness over the last few days.  We at the Reschexpert blog have as well.  The software was plagued by projects not saving, forever load times, projects not generating PDF Reschecks, and many other issues that had made it almost unusable.

Just a quick note. is a Rescheck Service, we do not own Rescheck Web software it is run by the Department of Energy and Northwest Laboratory.  I am simply an energy consultant that uses the software and follows errors, techniques, and all things related to Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop and then passes the information along to DIY Rescheck creators like yourself.

Today I logged on to Rescheck Web and received the following message:

Please note that we are performing system maintenance for REScheck-Web NOW.

You can see a graphic of it as this Rescheck Blog Post’s featured image.  What this basically means is that the people behind the scenes of the Rescheck software, Rescheck Web, are performing some tasks that will allow Rescheck Web to regain the functionality and prominence it is known for.

In the past when Rescheck has not worked it has typically been 12-24 hours before it came back on line.  We typically see this server upgrade or maintenance near a holiday.  Either directly before a holiday weekend on or on the day after.

Here are some previous errors we found in Rescheck Web and their resolution:

Rescheck Web Server Port 80 Error

How to Fix Rescheck Web Services Down Error


We are not going to speculate as to when Rescheck Web may regain it’s functionality but we will let  you know the moment that it does.  If you are creating Reschecks today and relying on a software to do so then Rescheck Desktop will be your choice until Rescheck Web comes back online.  IECC 2021 and IECC 2018 Reschecks are only available on Rescheck Web so if you are creating a Rescheck Energy Report for these two codes you will need to wait until the Rescheck Web software returns.

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog and we will let you know as soon as the Rescheck Web software returns to functionality.

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