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Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to help you create your Comcheck faster and easier for all the DIY Comcheck Creators.  Basically we will show you how to download the Department of Energy’s fantastic offline Comcheck Creation software, Comcheck Desktop.

To begin you want to navigate to the Department of Energy’s Comcheck page.  It looks like this:

Comcheck Desktop Download

Comcheck Desktop Download


The link to arrive at this page is :

Once you arrive at the page in the lower right of the screen you want to click the download link that says “open file in new window” clicking this will initiate the download of the Comcheck Desktop software right to your hard drive.  Once the Comcheck Desktop software is downloaded you should run the software and install it.  Now you can create a Comcheck Energy Report wherever you wish.  Some key notes about the difference in Comcheck Desktop and Comcheck Web are that Comcheck Desktop will not have IECC 2018 or IECC 2021 updates so to use these newer codes you will need to access Comcheck Web.  Also Comcheck Desktop can run without an internet connection so if you are working on a jobsite will little cell or internet coverage then Rescheck Desktop may be the best solution for you and your construction project.

Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog and we thoroughly enjoyed teaching you the steps to download Comcheck Desktop today.  If you have a Comcheck you need taken care of you can email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to [email protected] and we will get you taken care of.



Comcheck Desktop Download
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Comcheck Desktop Download
Comcheck Desktop Download
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