Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to do a special segment to show what type of computer that you should be using to create your Rescheck.  Many DIY Rescheck creators get started and do not know what type of computer creates Reschecks using Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop softwares the easiest.

How do you feel about the progression and advancement of computers in regards to Rescheck over the past decade?

There was a time growing up when every year meant super speed changes to all types of computing speeds.  In the last 4-5 years laptops and desktops on a retail level have not improved as much as they did the previous 4-5 years.  The laptop I bought on Black Friday from Microsoft 5 years ago is still faster than anything available on shelf of big box stores electronics sections.  

What is a Rescheck?

Is inflation a factor when choosing computing power for creating Rescheck Energy reports?

Not really, the computer I bought 5 years ago brand new, still costs about the same to replace for an equivalent unit.  Also when you get deep into computing and calculating you can really like a certain machine.  In that instance a 5 year old computer will have multiple options for parts to replace worn or faulty ones.  You can typically watch a Youtube video and give your computer a new lease on life.  Sometimes you even find a faster part that give your 5 year old computer new super powers.
What parts have you replaced on your primary Rescheck Laptop?
Charging cords, I have a bunch of them.  I give them the temperature test.  If the battery gets hot using a certain one, or if the box on the charging cord itself gets too hot I replace it.  No need to mess with hot batteries and hot chargers.  I suggest using the factory suggested charging cord for creating Reschecks.  I also recently sat on my laptop when it was placed in my desk chair and it broke the LCD screen.  So for $50 I will be replacing that soon.
What do you look for when you buy new computers for doing Rescheck reports?
You need lots of Ram because many times you end up with 27 browsers open with various information on climate zone, building techniques, insulation information, window specs, and letters from building departments.  I would not use a computer these days with less than 16 gb Ram.  This is tricky because many retail stores do not even carry a comparable computer on their shelves.  So you have to plan ahead.  If you find a laptop you like search that model number often for sales and see if you can put one in your storage closet as a backup.  Your computer should and would go down at the worst possible times if you are using it to create Reschecks in high demand situations.  It is always nice to have a familiar backup that you saved a few hundred bucks on instead of buying something on a whim that is barely suitable.
What is something to look out for when purchasing a computer to create Reschecks?
When searching online for Rescheck computers sometimes the category will list the computers actual memory in the RAM memory category.  You are looking for 16gb of RAM.  If the merchant places computers with 16 gb of hard drive storage in the same search category you will literally end up with the world’s slowest and worst Rescheck computers in the same search results as the fastest ones.  Buyer beware.  
We thank you for reading the Reschexpert blog special on how to decipher what type of computer and computing power will create Rescheck reports the easiest.  When using software like Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop it is important to have the right computer.  We hope we helped you with some relevant information on how to choose the correct computer to create your own Do It Yourself Rescheck.  If you would like a Rescheck created on one of our specialty Rescheck workstations then simply email us your plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we willl get you taken care of.
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What is the best Computer to Create Rescheck?
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What is the best Computer to Create Rescheck?
What is the best Computer to Create Rescheck?
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