Rescheck Web is Fully Functional

We reported an error on Rescheck Web yesterday and we are glad to tell you know it has resolved.

Rescheck Web There Was An Issue With Getting Your PDF Document Error

At and the Reschexpert blog we use Rescheck software and home energy audit software everyday. When we spot an abnormality like the Rescheck Web not being able to generate a PDF yesterday, we like to report it to our at home DIY Rescheck creators so they understand what might be happening with the Rescheck softwares. We do not own, maintain, fix, modify, or update the Rescheck softwares, as it is fully owned by the Department of Energy. We are strictly end users of Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop that like to help others for free by letting them know what we find while we create Reschecks.

Basically, the Rescheck Web would not generate a PDF yesterday. See our post above.

Our suggestions were to go ahead and create your Rescheck normally and save the project. Then wait until the functionality returned. We guessed 12-18 hours later the ability to create PDFs in Rescheck Web software would return. Here we are 12-18 hours later and it is now possible to create a Rescheck in Rescheck Web and generate a PDF.

One other fix when Rescheck Web is down is to download and Use Rescheck Desktop. One downside is the lack of the IECC 2021 code in the software, but we will keep you up to date if the IECC code is added.

Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog and if you need a Rescheck created for you email pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get your Rescheck calculated.

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Rescheck Web is Fully Functional
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Rescheck Web is Fully Functional
Rescheck Web had functionality to create a PDF down yesterday. Today we noticed it is possible to create a PDF of your Rescheck in Rescheck Web. Follow the Reschexpert blog as they look in to Rescheck softwares.
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