7 Things to Know Before you Start Rescheck

7 Things to Know Before you Start Rescheck

Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to get you prepped and ready for your Rescheck. Whether you choose to do a DIY Rescheck where you handle it yourself, or you use a Rescheck service like we are here to help you with your packing list for your journey through Rescheck and Rescheck creation softwares like Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.

Free Rescheck How To DIY Rescheck

Below are the basic 7 items you will need to create your Rescheck:

  1. Plans. You need a PDF of plans. Architect plans, engineer plans, hand drawn plans, sketches, drawings on a napkin. You need something on ink and paper that shows what you are going to build. If you do not know enough yet to have a set of plans you may not be ready for the Rescheck quite yet. Go ahead and finish your plans and then pursue a Rescheck Energy Report.

  2. Jobsite Address. You need to have a jobsite address. Rescheck is reliant on your climate zone. That means you need to know where you are building. If a 911 address is not issued yet, then at least know the nearest city so that the Rescheck softwares can perform the proper calculations.

  3. Square Footage. Your plans should show your conditioned square footage clearly and preferably on the first page. Everyone from the building department, to the tax official, to subcontractors, to your Rescheck Service will need this info. Put it on your plans!

  4. Insulation. You may have no idea what level of insulation to put into your plans. Your builder may have a standard insulation package that they prefer. Knowing this ahead of time can eliminate surprises later when your Rescheck says one thing and builder installed another.

  5. Window. Certain States like Texas and Arizona have a maximum SHGC and UVALUE for glazed windows. In Texas and Arizona the max SHGC is .25. Anything over this will generate an auto failure. Find out the specifics of any window details before you start your Rescheck.

  6. Doors. Glass doors come with the same caveat at windows and the SHGC will be similar if not the same. Plan before your Rescheck if you can.

  7. Specs on plans. Take all the data above in items 2-6 and have them placed on your plans. This will make sure everyone involved with your construction project understands exactly what is expected for meeting the IECC Energy Code for your area.

Free Rescheck Web Is Online (Printable PDF)

Thanks for reading the list of 7 items to prepare before starting your Rescheck. If you need a Rescheck then you can email us a PDF of your plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.


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7 Things To Know Before You Start Rescheck
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7 Things To Know Before You Start Rescheck
7 Things To Know Before You Start Rescheck
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