Sample Projects In Rescheck Web.

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Jobe Leonard

Jobe Leonard

Rescheck Web Sample Projects

Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to talk to you about a new feature added into Rescheck Web recently. This is the “Sample Projects” tab. We will discuss how to navigate to the Sample Projects tab, how to utilize the sample projects, and which of the sample projects options might be right for your when creating your next Rescheck.

Can I do the REScheck myself? (Step By Step Guide)

First the Sample Projects tab is located in the middle of the screen once you are logged in to Rescheck Web. To enter into Sample Projects in Rescheck Web what you want to do is hover your mouse over the text and click one time.

This opens up a page that has 4 types of Sample Projects.

These are:

Rescheck New Construction option to Create a Sample Project

Rescheck Alteration 1 to Create a Sample Project

Rescheck Alteration 2 to create a Sample Project

Addition to create a Sample Project.

By clicking any of the items in the blue box on the screen you will then create a sample project from scratch. Currently the code used in samples is IECC 2015 and you will need to change the jobsite locations as well. It would be possible to use these as a template if you needed to as you learn how to create a Rescheck using Rescheck Web.

Free Rescheck Web Is Online (Printable PDF)

Overall the Sample Projects addition to Rescheck Web is a strong one. It gives users the instant ability to start Reschecking on their own and creating their own online Reschecks. If you need a Rescheck created for you, we can help. Simply email your PDF plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of. The process to create a Rescheck takes 4-6 hours and we charge $79.

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