At the Reschexpert blog there are plenty of Rescheck Events that we take part, participate, and frequent each year. 2024 is no different. There is always a schedule full of amazing events upcoming, and we wanted to share our favorites with you. Now is the time to get your calendar out, free up some time for yourself, and plan to visit or join these events online to up your Rescheck, energy code, and Comcheck knowledge for the coming year.

Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit9:00 AM Apr 2 to 5:00 PM Apr 4 EDT
BRIDGES Professional Development Instructor Workshop9:00 AM May 15 to 5:00 PM May 17 EDT

Thanks for reading the Reschexpert blog brought to you by about all the amazing upcoming energy efficiency events. We hope to rub shoulders with you at these events and talk about all things energy efficiency related during the process. Thank you so much for reading our blog about Rescheck reporting online.


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Rescheck Events (2024)
Houston, Texas, Chicago, Illinois,New Orleans, Lousisana,Washington District of Columbia
Starting on
March 7, 2024
Ending on
May 4, 2024
Rescheck and Energy Code related events across the United States in 2024. The Reschexpert blog presents the top Energy Code events for this year.
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