Zero Energy Ready Home Program

ZERH or Zero Energy Ready Home is a initiative by the Department of Energy. The goal is to build homes that are efficient enough that all the energy usage can be offset by the installation and use of renewable Energy systems. All homes with a ZERH certification meet a checklist of standards and goals that are part of the DOE ZERH National Program standards. Many new homes that are being constructed today are able to take part in this program. Their qualification to the program is reviewed by a certified verifier as part of the process of being certified.

The ZERH is part of a new update to the 45L Tax Credit for building energy efficient new homes through 2032. Starting on January 1st of 2023 the 45L tax incentive makes mention of DOE ZERH homes specifically.

For more information on how 45L and ZERH co relate you can visit here:

The ZERH has 5 key components and these are explained briefly below

Partners: ZERH partners are broken into 6 categories that include Builder Partners, Verifier Partners, Architect and Designer Partners, and Innovation Partners.

Program Resources: The information available for ZERH education comes in the form of Marketing, Training, Publications, and Incentives.

Program Requirements: There are currently 5 versions of homes that can be ZERH certified. These include Versions 1 and 2. Single Family, Multifamily, and Manufactured Homes.

DOE Recognized ZERH Certification Organizations: Theses organizations are broken in HCOs and MROs.

Housing Innovation Awards: This set of awards honors the best home builders on a path to Zero Energy Ready Homes.

This has been a brief description of the ZERH home program by the Department of Energy. Thank you for reading the Reschexpert blog. is a Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home Verifier

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Zero Energy Ready Home Program
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Zero Energy Ready Home Program
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