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Welcome to the Reschexpert blog.  On today’s edition we want to discuss the announcement of the 2021 National Energy Codes Conference.

This time last year the energy audit world was buzzing about the postponement and eventual rescheduling of the conference to the fall.  Although the 2020 National Energy Code Conference was virtual my personal opinion is that it was one of the best ever.  If you would like to see some highlights from that then you can here.

For the 2021 conference it will again be virtual, which I, and many Reschexpert blog readers truly appreciate.  Travel is nice but in a hot construction year like 2021 the Reschecks do not stop just simply because you leave town for continued education.  So staying safe at the office is not only the healthier option for our bodies, but also for our customers and home energy audit businesses.

Main take aways from what the DOE has announced so far:

Date:  July 20-22

Newcomers to codes starts on July 20

Topics discussed on July 21 and 22 will be Emerging Local and State Goals, Zero Energy, Workforce Development, Role of Building Codes, The Final Frontier for Existing Building Codes, and additional subjects.

These will take place virtually.  If you would like to learn more here is a link to the Department of Energy’s official press release.  Read here.

Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog and we look forward to seeing you at the fantastic events from the Department of Energy and their 2021 National Energy Code conference as we quickly approach IECC 2021 launch dates.






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2021 National Energy Codes Conference
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2021 National Energy Codes Conference
2021 National Energy Codes Conference July 20-22nd.
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