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Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss who has the Rescheck Authority. Authority is defined as a right to command orders, execute decisions, and demand obedience. I will start off by saying that Rescheck.info is just a small time independent Rescheck Service and we are in no way a Rescheck Authority. We made a quick list of the organizations that we see having the most authority over Rescheck Software, Rescheck Energy Codes, and Rescheck Reports for building permits.

One major authority on Reschecks is the Department of Energy. With over 100,000 dependent and actual employees and the most funding they are one of the major Rescheck Authorities. Although only a very small percentage of their employees actual work on Rescheck.  The softwares Rescheck Web and Rescheck Download are also downloaded from a derivative of their homepage, so it stands to reason that the Department of Energy is at the top of today’s ranking as a Rescheck Authority.

The next major Rescheck Authority we have found is the Pacific Northwest Laboratory. They actively update Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop softwares. They are one of the Department of Energy National Labratories so they would probably also fall under the umbrella of the Department of Energy’s National Authority. They do amazing work in regards to making sure Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop are always in tip top shape and we commend the hard work they have done to bring energy reporting to the forefront of the construction process.

Once we drill down from the national level of Rescheck Authorities we must look at each individual state. Most states have some type of State Codes Enforcement office. These have a large sway as to what the counties and cities within the state will use for managing their Reschecks. They can also set statewide standards, IECC codes, State Specific Codes, or rules that every construction project must follow in regards to Rescheck. States and their state level building officials are very important Rescheck Authority figures and they hold much power when it comes to the future of Rescheck Energy reporting.

After you move down from the state level, you move into the local city and county building departments. Most people who are encountered with a building inspector asking for a Rescheck the first time thing that the building department is just being extra tough on them specifically asking them to provide a Rescheck Energy report for their construction project. The truth is that they are the local Rescheck Authority and Rescheck Enforcer, but their orders ultimately come from the state, which in turn come from the Department of Energy and their in depth energy code research. A local building department and building official will be your most important Rescheck Authority because they will inspect your plans, review your Rescheck, and check your finished jobsite for compliance to the Rescheck. After review of your project, they do have a right to command orders, execute decisions, and demand obedience. Which by definition makes them a Rescheck Authority.

Overall there are many authorities in the realm of Rescheck. We, on some level work with all of them daily. Rescheck.info is a small time independent energy consultant and we can help you move through the intricasies of Rescheck Authorities and the different things they demand, create, and manage. If you need help of Rescheck we can do it. Email plans, jobsite address, and square footage to service@rescheck.info

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