Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to talk about the creation of Rescheck reports without using Rescheck software.  It has come to our attention that people have been bypassing the softwares of Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web and creating their own.  This is something we do not suggest, but since we had it brought to our attention we thought we would discuss it on the Reschexpert blog.


How do you find a fake Rescheck?

The two easiest ways are as follows:

Look for minute differences in the font.  In our Featured image on this blog post it is easy to see that the end user has simply typed in the data and the font is totally different from actual font in Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.

This example directly below shows a fake Rescheck font that was typed by hand and bypassed using Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web softwares.  This is not allowed, as an accurate score can not be guaranteed when not using the proper software to complete calculations.  Also note that each of the line items do not line up with the gross area or perimeter on the Rescheck.

Fake Rescheck Font

Fake Rescheck Font


This is the actual Rescheck font from Rescheck web.  You can see the font difference.  This Rescheck was generated using Rescheck Web software, but the output from Rescheck Desktop should be very similar.  Notice the font style and how the line items line up with the gross area or perimeter column.

Real Rescheck Font

Real Rescheck Font


The second way is to look at the dates.  Reschecks are typically, but not always signed on a similar date to when they are created.  In this instance a long pause between creation date and sign date makes it suspect.

Also you can hand calculate the UA numbers and see if they add up.  

Another way is to make sure that the code used on the Rescheck was actually available in that version of Rescheck.  In this instance Rescheck Desktop 4.6.5 if the Rescheck report had IECC 2018 or IECC 2021 it could easily be identified as fake because those particular codes were not available in that version of Rescheck software.

error message Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D

If you spot a fake Rescheck, the best course of action is to notify someone in the building department.   If it has someone else’s signature forged try to notify the person who has had their signature forged to see if it is legit.  If your signature is being forged on a Rescheck then your next step would be to contact an attorney and work to get the offending party to stop using your signature.

A simple solution to the fake Reschecks would be to just use the Rescheck Desktop and Rescheck Web software.  I am not sure why someone would go through all the trouble of making a fake one when making a legit one is so easy.  At the Reschexpert blog we offer over 1000 free blog posts and articles all aimed at helping the Do It Yourself Reschecker create their “own” Rescheck reports in a sustainable fashion.  To steal someone else’s work, signature, Rescheck, or calculations is unthinkable to me, but I can assure you that it happens, because it just happened to me personally.

Rescheck Web Server Port 80 Error


Thanks again for reading the Reschexpert blog.


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