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Today on the Reschexpert blog we are going to look at some typical questions we see from Rescheck clients and typical answers we might provide. This particular project below was special because it was located in climate zone. Also the building department had a special PDF for that was required with the Rescheck. This form spelled out standards for roof insulation, wall insulation, window U value, door U value, and foundation insulation. Let’s get started.

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Such as, what changes would constitute needing any changes to it later on?

You can generally make any changes you want. The limitation on your project is that your building department has the form you asked me to fill out. It has some standards that the building department may not let you adjust. As far as changes with us, we can modify anything for you. The building department has the final say as to their custom form.


Does it matter what windows/doors I select and what type of insulation we choose?

Windows and doors. On windows we chose .28 windows for your climate zone, but .3 is the U value needed by your building department. I went ahead and adjusted the report that is attached below to .3 u value to match your building department suggestion. This is calculated as an average. The lower the U value equals the better insulation value in windows. So if all of your windows are .3, and you have one that is .31, and one that is .29 it can still work. Your climate zone is pretty tough though so I would not go much higher than that.

We are planning on doing spray in insulation. Did you need any of those details to be included, or is it just for the subcontractors/inspectors so everyone keeps things up to code?

Insulation type does not matter. The R value is what is important. The higher the R value the more protection you get from your climate zone. Typically you can make some adjustments, but your building department has a custom list that it seems like they are going to want to see installed.

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Spray foam will work perfectly. You just need to make sure they install the amounts listed on the building department’s worksheet and the Rescheck and you will not have any issues.

These are some basic questions we see on many Reschecks and some typical answers that you might expect to see if you need a Rescheck on your construction project. Questions about the free modifications we offer, windows, doors, and insulation R values and types are very common and we are glad to answer them.

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If you need a Rescheck prepared for you then email us your order number, pdf plans, jobsite address, and square footage and we will get you taken care of.


Rescheck Questions Answered
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Rescheck Questions Answered
Rescheck Questions Answered
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