Keeping your Rescheck secure is priority number one at Whether creating your own Rescheck as a do it yourself Rescheck creator, or having a Rescheck service like create a Rescheck for you. Even minor details are important. On the Reschexpert blog today, we will discuss creating a Rescheck securely and guarding your:

Rescheck Password
Intimate construction plan details
Blueprint security
Personal information

These are a few important items when considering the security of your home energy audit. Follow the Reschexpert blog below as we dive in deeper.

Rescheck security

Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to talk about a little mentioned items in the arena of home energy auditing, security. There are many different items in your Rescheck that you might not think about. From credentials to log in to Rescheck Web, to the blueprints you use to build your home, and the data collected by websites we want to discuss how to have a Rescheck created, and keep your personal data secure.

When you go to create a Rescheck you have 2 options as to the software that you will create your on. Rescheck Web is a web based platform that stores your project’s data on the cloud. Rescheck Desktop is a version of Rescheck software that is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Both are created and maintained by the Department of Energy and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. To access Rescheck Web you are going to need to create an account. When you do this, you will need to create a password. When creating your password for Rescheck Web with security in mind here are some tips to follow to keep your account secure.

Easy Secure Rescheck Web Log in

Rescheck Web Password Length: The longer the password is the harder it is for bots, hackers, and malicious computer programs to guess. Each additional letter or character in a password decreases the probability it can be guessed. 8-10 characters should be a minimum. To get more secure think about 18-20 varying characters.

Mix your Rescheck Web letters: Using a varying array of capital letters and lower case letters within your Rescheck Web password will make your password much more secure. Guessing a simple password is hard enough. If you throw in a blend of upper case and lower case letters you have just added a degree of difficulty that could make an attacker move on to the next account.

Add in numbers and symbols to your Rescheck Web Password: Using a basket of numbers and symbols in a Rescheck Web password is good practice to keep your account safe. The more the characters of your password differ from each other the better off you will be and the more difficult you make it for someone to guess your Rescheck Web password.

How to Download Rescheck Desktop Free

Use no ties to your personal information in your Rescheck Web Password: Your birthday, lucky number, bank account number, social security number, or street address should all be refrained from use within your Rescheck Web password. Even if it seems random to you someone with password generation software might be able to use these clues against you and gain access.

Do not include words from the dictionary in your Rescheck Web Password: Computer programs that try multiple passwords in an effort to hack into online accounts include every word in the dictionary. Also they include most languages, slang, and simple phrases. To keep your Rescheck password more secure avoid using words that might appear in a dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia as part of your password.

What is the best Computer to Create Rescheck?

Now that you have a secure password to log into your Rescheck Web account. Let’s talk about your plans. Your plans show many things about your home. Some items you might want to keep private within your blueprints are as follows:

Panic Room

Master Bedroom

Location of a Safe of Valuables


Secret rooms

Children’s bedrooms

All of these items you might want to name something else within your plans. Most building permits are public records so who can access a set of plans once they are submitted for permit could eventually surprise you. At we do not hold on your plans. We offer free modifications to your project, and it is quite common that when a client asks us to make a modification, we ask them to resend their plans. This is because immediately after we are done creating the Rescheck we destroy our hard copy of plans. We also store zero personal data about our clients to avoid any cross references in regards to plans and addresses. These are some simple policies we undertake to safeguard our clients plans, and we have several more that operate behind the scenes to add additonal layers of Rescheck security.

Manual J Service

Overall, your security is important when creating a Rescheck. Thinking about items beyond the windows, walls, doors, roof, and foundation is what we do at the Reschexpert blog on a daily basis. We hope when you create your Rescheck you choose to use a secure set of login credentials and that your entire project goes smoothly without incursion. We thank you for reading the Reschexpert blog and if you need a Rescheck created for you simply email a plan of PDFs, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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Rescheck Security
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Rescheck Security
Keeping your Rescheck secure is priority number one a Whether creating your own Rescheck as a do it yourself Rescheck creator, or having a Rescheck service like create a Rescheck for you. Even minor details are important.
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