Today’s article of the Reschexpert blog deals with some of the more extraordinary Reschecks, Manual J, Comchecks, Manual S, and Manual D that we have encountered. We have seen a lot of interesting projects in our day and over the years we have documented them in the Reschexpert blog. This easy to use Rescheck digest of amazing Rescheck articles should fulfil anyone’s needs for the amazing world of home energy reporting.

The first article on our list is lovingly title Energy Report for Indoor Sports Courts. This came after a full size indoor basketball arena that we created home energy reports like Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D for. You can read more about how to energy audit an indoor basketball court here.

I worked for years in the Log home industry and there is no home that is harder to energy audit than an Appalachain style log home with a true insulated gap between the logs. I learned quite a bit traveling all over the United States and sitting down face to face with building inspectors when Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop were brand new softwares. I showed them how I created a report, and they gave me pointers on how to make it better based on what they had learned at national home energy audit conferences. This next article deals with the tricky question of why does my log wall in Rescheck show R-0?

Next, we have a subject of construction that is near and dear to my heart. My home growing up was a 1909 Victorian Home that would by any means be considered a historic structure. We all know they have special needs when it comes to Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D. In this blog post I discuss the intricacies of created home energy auidts like Rescheck and Manual J for historic structures.

Reschecks and Manual Js on Historic Homes or Existing Structures

The next item we have that is an interesting item to Rescheck is conservatory. You can create a Rescheck, Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D for a conservatory. It can be challenging, but it can be done. It is best done before you order or install your conservatory, because the truth is that in stricter energy codes and areas the answer from the building department is, no. So be sure to ask them first if using Rescheck for conservatory is allowed in their jurisdiction.

Timberframe homes, ICFS, and SIPS are all fringe technologies that have become mainstream today in everyday construction plans. In this next blog post I speak with Chris Wood about his thoughts on IECC 2018 Reschecks, IECC 2021 Reschecks and how the pertain to the newest construction technologies like Rescheck Web and Rescheck Desktop.

That concludes our Rescheck digest on extraordinary Rescheck projects. If you have one send us a PDF of plans, jobsite address, and square footage to and we will get you taken care of.

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