Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to show you 10 easy steps to have a Rescheck created for you.  Many people ask if it is possible to do a Rescheck yourself and our answer is, yes.  Follow the easy Rescheck tutorial below and after 10 simple steps you will be ready to have our Rescheck service create your Rescheck for you.


Step 1:  Go to  If you are reading this Reschexpert blog post, chances are, you are already at

Step 2:  Click Buy Now, in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Your screen should look like the picture below.


Can I Have A Rescheck Created For Me?

Can I Have A Rescheck Created For Me?

Step 3:  Choose the appropriate report.  In this instance we are looking for a Rescheck Service.  So you would choose the Rescheck report. also offers reports like Manual J, Manual S, Manual D and Comcheck too.

How to Perform a Rescheck

Step 4:  Toggle the number of Reschecks you need to the appropriate number using the plus or minus sign.  The screenshot is below.

Can I do the Rescheck myself?

Can I do the Rescheck myself?

Step 5:  Click the black button with G in the middle and enter your payment details.

Step 6:  Checkout and finalize the transaction for your Rescheck energy report.

Step 7:  Email your Rescheck order confirmation number, jobsite address, and square footage to

Can I Do A Rescheck Myself?

Step 8:  Wait about 4-6 hours, have a cup of coffee, take a walk, go get some groceries, or take a nap.  Your Rescheck is being created.

Step 9:  Receive and email with the PDF of your completed Rescheck report.  Click print.

Step 10:  Submit your Rescheck Report to your building department.  Now the Rescheck portion of your building permit is complete.  Congratulations!

These are just some simple steps to get a Rescheck created for you.  If you need a Rescheck from us then we can do the Rescheck report as a Rescheck service for only $79 and the lead time is 4-6 hours.  Click Buy Now. We need you to email us your order confirmation number, pdf plans, and jobsite address to and we will get you taken care of.

First Steps in Preparing a Rescheck or Manual J

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