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The Reschexpert Blog

The web’s #1 Blog and resource on RESchecks, Manual J Heat Loss, Green Homes, Insulation, Building Components, & Energy Efficiency.

Rescheck Tips

Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to give you a few tips that we also processed over the Rescheck Helpline this week.  We are always trying to make your Rescheck, Manual J, and home energy audit as easy as possible so today we want to help you with some basic...

What Energy Codes are Available in Rescheck

Today we want to talk about which code options are available in Rescheck Desktop Software and Rescheck Web.  We also want to discuss which ones have disappeared from the program and which ones we expect to be added next. The first code option is a universal one and it...

Reschexpert National Construction Index May Reading

The Reschexpert blog uses data received on the plethora of projects it undertakes across the country to create a nationally recognized construction index based on 3 components. Number of Construction Starts Average Value of Construction Starts Average Square Footage...

Comcheck Commercial Energy Audits

Today on the Reschexpert Blog we want to discuss with you the differences between a Rescheck Residential Energy Audit and a Comcheck Commercial Energy Audit. We will first start with the similarities.  Both of the softwares where created by the Department of Energy to...

Rescheck Software .RCK or .RXL File

In the most recent version of Rescheck Desktop software we most recently spoke to a Reschexpert blog reader who was importing a .RXL file from Chief Achitect design software.  The only problem?  The ability to upload this type of file in the most recent version of the...

How do I get a Rescheck?

Today on the Reschexpert blog we want to discuss how you can go about getting a Rescheck or Manual J for your new construction, addition, or home alteration project.  We have identified 3 basic ways for you to obtain a Rescheck or Manual for your project and we will...

Are you having trouble with a Rescheck or Manual J calculations?  Call now 865-235-6277.  We will help and consult with you on your Rescheck and Manual J, free of charge.  We are in the business to help you with your Rescheck report or Manual J, whether you choose to hire us or not.  Call 865-235-6277, E-mail [email protected] anytime of day, any day of the week, or anytime of year.  We would love to assist you with your REScheck and Heat Loss Calculation needs on any custom or standardized plan.  We also do additions, alterations, conservatories, condo units, and any type of custom REScheck or Manual J report your building department or official may require.  We handle more RESchecks and Manual J’s in the average day than our over priced competition does in an entire year.  Why pay over $200 for the other guys low-quality REScheck and Manual J’s and wait weeks?  We can turn your REScheck or Manual around to you same day for only $79, or you can order both for the industry wide low cost of only $129.

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